Fine Carpentry, remodeling, additions. Small jobs or large – over 35 yrs. experience. Licensed and Insured. A woman-owned business in Stow.
CSL# CS-115661, HIC# 184108
Call Cortni, 978-793-2195, or email


It’s likely you are here because you have a project in mind.
We can help formulate plans, make design suggestions and source materials as well as build your project.

How we work
At the initial visit we meet and get to know one another a little, and discuss your desired project and schedule. We also will discuss budget. This can save time and frustration further along. Next is the design phase, or development of a concrete plan including working drawings, permit applications and pricing.

If there need to be project conception sketches, materials sourcing, subcontractors involved, we will engage in a design phase for which there may be fees.

Depending on the project, we can then quote you a fixed price or give an estimate for time and materials with a proposed cap. There is no easy guarantee in construction that a cap will be the final cost unless it is set high enough to cover many eventualities including various unforeseen issues, which by their nature are hard to quantify.

Comparisons – why some quotes are not “free”

Each project quote requires several steps: design/sketching, sourcing materials, estimating time for labor, calculating the risk of overages and unforseens. When you ask for pricing on multiple options these steps get multiplied by the number of options. This translates to more overhead on the beginning of your projects, or a stressor early in our relationship, possibly before we’ve agreed to work together.

Us in your home

When we come to your home we are respectful, mindful and family friendly. One of our top values is community and so building a relationship of trust with our customers is a way of creating and living in community.


We have high standards of work and quality materials. There is a level of perfection (or good enough) which is appropriate to each phase of construction. We believe in a little bit of humanity in the outcome, valuing the beauty of handmade woodwork with its natural idiosyncrasies.

Energy Efficiency & Sustainability

One of our company’s core values is energy efficient and sustainable building. Whenever possible we will design or incorporate appropriate details to maintain or improve the green-ness of your home.


We tend to corral loose nails/screws during demolition to keep your environment safe. We also tend to leave a tidy jobsite each day so you can have a safe space in and around your home and we can return to an ordered workspace.

Treating cause, not just cosmetics

When we are approached to look at a [repair] project, part of our initial assessment includes seeking out the cause of any decay we may encounter as part of the work.
Our goal is to have our work become a happy part of your home for as long as possible. We don’t “do good work over bad.” Meaning we prefer not to make a cosmetic repair which covers an issue of rot, decay, mold or structural defect/instability. This may mean increasing the scope of the project in order to remedy some underlying issue before addressing the repair or addition we set out to accomplish.

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